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Vattenfall electricity & heat production and greenhouse gas emissions

Electricity mix

Coal: %
Gas: %
Biomass: %
Hydro: %
Wind: %
Nuclear: %
Other: %
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Our biggest wind farms

  • DanTysk


    DanTysk: Green energy from the North Sea off the German coastThe DanTysk offshore wind farm, situated west of … Read more

  • Thanet


    Construction of Thanet Offshore Wind Farm was completed September 2010 and is currently one of the world’s … Read more

  • Horns Rev

    Horns Rev

    If you stand on the western coast of Jutland in Denmark and look at the horizon, you can just discern one of … Read more

Our largest power plants

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  • Ringhals


    Ringhals is owned jointly by Vattenfall (70.4%) and E.ON Kärnkraft Sverige AB (29.6%). It is one of the … Read more

  • Forsmark


    Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant – more than 30 years of operationIn 2010, Forsmark reached a milestone, having … Read more

  • Jänschwalde


    Jänschwalde Power Plant is located near the city of Peitz in Brandenburg, a few kilometres from the … Read more