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Coal plant Hemweg 8

Hemweg 8
The Hemweg Plant consists of two units: Hemweg 8 and Hemweg 9.

Hemweg 8

Power plant Hemweg 8 is a modern coal-fired installation dating from 1994.

The coal used in Hemweg 8 is shipped by sea to the Amsterdam storage company. From there, a long conveyor belt takes the coal to the circular coal storage field where a digger lifts it onto another conveyor belt that carries the coal to the mill bunkers at a rate of 1,000 tonnes per hour.

 A DeNOx installation was built at Hemweg 8 in 2006. It extracts 85% of the nitrogen oxide (NOx) from the flue gases and reduces the total NOx emissions by 35%. The DeNOx installation consists of two enormous reactors, also known as catalyst layers. At Hemweg 8, hazardous substances are recovered, as are various residual products of burning coal. The following residual products are recycled, making the emissions less harmful to the environment: bottom ash, fly ash, sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOX).