Horns Rev 3

Horns Rev 3
Horns Rev 3 wind farm in the North Sea, 25-40 km off the Danish Jutland coast, is a defining point for Vattenfall's production of wind power in Denmark and the rest of Europe.

Horns Rev 3 sets new standards for the price of renewable energy from offshore wind farms and for the size of wind turbines in Danish waters.

  • Vattenfall Vindkraft's agreement with the Danish State will make the production from Horns Rev 3 one of the cheapest in Europe, with a price for electricity of DKK 0.77 per kilowatt hour.
  • With the construction of Horns Rev 3 with a capacity of 406.7 MW, Vattenfall is on its way to becoming one of Europe's largest producers of wind power.
  • For Horns Rev 3, Vattenfall has opted for the world's most powerful wind turbine – MHI Vestas V164 of 8.3 MW.

Horns Rev 3 covers the annual electricity consumption of approximately 425,000 Danish households.

Project history

Vattenfall won the right to construct Horns Rev 3 in 2015. The first foundation was placed in the seabed in October 2017 and the first turbines began delivering electricity to consumers in December 2018. The official inauguration of Horns Rev 3 took place in August 2019, in the presence of the Danish crown prince Frederik and prime minister Mette Frederiksen.