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Jänschwalde wind farm

Jänschwalde wind farm

Characteristics of Jänschwalde Wind Farm

Jänschwalde Wind Farm is situated in the German federal state of Brandenburg, close to the city of Cottbus. It was commissioned in 2004 and consists of six Vestas V90 wind turbines. Each turbine is 105 metres high (hub height), has a rotor diameter of 90 metres and a rated power of 2 MW. The total height is 150 m.

The wind turbines are deigned for unmanned operation and are controlled remotely monitored around the clock all days of the year by a computer-based control system. The wind farm is owned and operated by Vattenfall with maintenance service outsourced to Vestas. In order to minimize non-operational breakdowns, the wind turbines are subject to regular maintenance.

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