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Magnum is located at Eemshaven, in the province of Groningen. The Eemshaven is a very suitable location, with its modern seaport, availability of space and infrastructure. There is sufficient cooling water capacity and a good connection to the existing high-voltage and natural gas grid.


The modern and efficient power plant comprises of three CCUs (Combined Cycle Units). Every CCU is composed of a Heat Recovery Steam Generator, a Gas Turbine, a Steam Turbine and a Generator. This technology ensures a very favorable output (about 58%). The power plant has a production capacity of 1410 MWe (ISO), enough to provide electricity to two million households a day. 

The plant also has a Black Start facility, which is used in emergency cases (black out of electric grid), and a solar park consisting of more than 17.000 panels with a maximum production capacity of 5,6 MWe.  

Future technology 

Vattenfall's goal is to fade out the use of fossil fuel for power generation. An unique feature of the technology which is applied at the CCU’s is the multi fuel concept. With some modifications the CCU’s can be made hydrogen ready. The Magnum power plant is ready for a fossil free future!  

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