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Reuter West

Reuter West

Information on Reuter West CHP plant and its history

The Reuter West CHP plant is located in the north-west of Berlin and is made up of two structurally identical power plant blocks, which were put into operation in 1987 and 1989 respectively. In line with the environmentally compatible combined heat and power (CHP) principle, this plant generates electricity and heat simultaneously, raising the fuel efficiency rate to 80 percent in the process.

The steam boiler are fired by hard coal and equipped with efficient flue gas scrubbers. Residual materials from the combustion process and flue gas cleaning are treated and fed back into the economic cycle as high-quality raw materials.

In September 2019 Vattenfall has connected Europe’s largest Power-to-Heat facility to the district heating grid at its Reuter West power plant in Berlin. Its installed capacity of 120 MWth equals about 60.000 household water boilers.