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Bergeforsen Hydro Power Station is a facility above ground by the river Indalsälven. The station utilises a Kaplan turbine with a head (drop) of 23 metres. It was first commissioned in 1955 and has an installed capacity of 166 MW, annually generating roughly 735 GWh of electricity.

Famous district

Bergeforsen is an area of Sweden that is famous for several reasons. One of the largest salmon-breeding facilities lies by the river Indalsälven, and Bergeforsen is also known for its successful ski club – Olympic biathlon skiing champion Magdalena Forsberg came from this area, for example. 

Planned refurbishments

As a step in achieving Vattenfall’s ambition of extending the lifespan of its hydro power plants, a new spillway canal is being built. The project with the spillway canal started in June 2011 and will be finished in 2014. Vattenfall invests in all its dams to safeguard against the effects of extreme weather. We raise the dams by up to 2 metres, strengthen them at the bottom, increase the size of the dams’ hatches or, as is the case in Bergeforsen, build new spillways. Bergeforsen hydro power station is co-owned by Vattenfall (60%) and Uniper (40%).

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