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Motala CHP

Motala CHP
Vattenfall’s biomass plant in Motala, which produces heat for district heating, was commissioned in 1998. A second unit, a CHP plant was commissioned in 2006, further increasing the plant’s biomass production capacity. Vattenfall supplies a large part of Motala with district heating and electricity. The electricity generation in the Motala plant is carbon neutral.

Characteristics and history

Since 2006, the Motala plant has been able to reduce its emissions of carbon dioxide by 92% by replacing oil with renewable fuels. Vattenfall continuously strives to optimise the combustion process and improve environmental aspects.

The fuel used in Motala primarily consists of biomass sourced from several suppliers in close proximity to the plant. Test-sampling and inspections of the suppliers are performed to ensure that the fuel is of the right quality.

Co-operation with locals

The facility in Motala has signed a contract with a local workshop to supply it with district heating. By doing so, the workshop is able to avoid using fossil fuels to produce heat and obtains a more stable price.

Motala is Reko-certified

The Swedish trade organisation Svensk Fjärrvärme has developed a quality assurance system called Reko for suppliers of district heating. Vattenfall’s district heating has met the requirements of this quality system since 2006. The purpose of the Reko certification is to strengthen the position of customers and improve the relationship between customers and suppliers. The focus is on openness, comparability and trust.