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Dræby Fed Wind Farm

Dræby Fed Wind Farm
‘Vattenfall would like to invite the neighbourhood to a “roofing ceremony” for our new wind power turbines at Dræby Fed.’ This was the first line of Vattenfall’s letter of invitation to the inhabitants of Dræby Fed, and the event took place on 2 July 2010. Its purpose was to inaugurate the four new wind turbines located in Lindøværft (Lindø Wharf) in Kerteminde Municipality. The project is an important part of realising Vattenfall’s target to adapt its electricity generation to environmental requirements. The location is also appropriate since Lindø Wharf is becoming a hub for a large part of Danish off-shore wind power activities (together with Esbjerg).

One of the largest wind power projects on the island of Funen (Fyn in Danish)

Dræby Fed Wind Farm infographic and technical development

The four turbines at Dræby Fed Wind Farm, each with a height of 125 metres, will be visible landmarks for Danish and foreign guests visiting the area. In conjunction with the project, twelve old turbines have been decommissioned. Since the new wind turbines are more energy-efficient than the old ones, the four Siemens 2.7 MW wind turbines will generate seven times more power than the twelve old ones.

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