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At the Haringvliet hybrid park in the Netherlands, Vattenfall is combining the three technologies of battery, wind and solar for the first time.

Several advantages with hybrid power farms:

  • Improvied grid usage: As wind and solar production are complementing each other in production times, the usage of the available grid capacity can be increased. Additionally, batteries and electrolysers can be used to prevent power curtailments, shift production in time and provide grid stabilising services.
  • Cost-efficiency: All technologies can use the same infrastructure such as roads, grid connection or substations (and therefore don’t need to be built twice)
  • Efficient land-use: The different technologies are all built at the same location and not scattered. This becomes more important as land is a scarce resource, especially in countries such as the Netherlands, and regional zone planning is becoming more restrictive.
  • Reduced financial risks: The combination of different complementing technologies increases the diversification and therefore reduces the overall park risks. Long-term, hydrogen can be seen as a natural hedge against volatile energy prices, as soon as Hydrogen Purchase Agreements are in place.

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