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Blakliden Fäbodberget

Blakliden Fäbodberget
Blakliden Fäbodberget is located in the Stöttingfjället mountain region, north of Fredrika in Åsele and Lycksele municipalities in northern Sweden.

The wind farm consists of 84 turbines – 50 at Blakliden and 34 at Fäbodberget. The total height of the turbines is 180 metres up to the outermost blade tip. The rotor diameter is 136 metres and the tower height is 110 metres. The average wind speed at the tower height is 7.7 metres per second. Eleven people are currently stationed at Blakliden Fäbodberget to service, maintain and keep the wind farm in operation.

Blakliden Fäbodberget is jointly owned by Vattenfall, Vestas and AIP Management. With a capacity of 353 MW and an estimated annual generation of 1.1 TWh, the wind farm can deliver fossil-free electricity to around 200,000 households a year.

The construction of Blakliden Fäbodberget began in 2018 and the wind farm was commissioned in 2022. The final months of construction took place in challenging weather conditions, with temperatures sometimes dropping as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius.

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