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Stor-Rotliden Wind Farm – cold temperatures

Stor-Rotliden Wind Farm
The construction of Stor-Rotliden Wind Farm started in mid-June 2009 and was completed 18 month later. All 40 Vestas V 90 turbines were erected in less than two and a half month.

Cold temperatures and snow were not a problem

To ensure that the construction of the wind farm could proceed as scheduled, the weather-beaten workers had to brave biting cold, snow and strong winds in February. Kenneth Pettersson, the project manager, says that in the middle of the cold winter they reinforced foundations that stand directly on the mountain, laid electricity cables for the wind farm, worked on roads and erected the building that will house the transformer station.

The major task of constructing the power line from the wind farm to Tuggens Power Station in Lycksele took place at the same time. A total of seven teams, in total about 20 people including local contractors, were working on digging, erecting masts and putting power cables in place for the 45-kilometre 130 kV power line.


Stor-Rotliden is in Åsele Municipality, about 20 kilometres north of Fredrika and by the border to Lycksele Municipality. The highest point of the area is about 570 metres above sea level and the terrain consists of low-growing northern Swedish forest. The land is owned by Sveaskog.

The 40 Vestas V 90 turbines have a tower height of 95 metres. The total height up to the outer tip of the blade is 140 metres.  The wind farm has an installed capacity of 78 MW and is connected to Tuggens Power Station using a 130 kV power line.

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