Slufterdam onshore wind farm was inaugurated in May 2004. The wind farm is located on one of the windiest locations in the Netherlands: the Rotterdam Maasvlakte area on the south west coast.

Vattenfall and partners constructed a new and improved version of the Slufterdam wind farm in February 2019. In the wind park, the 17 existing wind turbines were replaced with 14 much more efficient ones. The 14 wind turbines generate 180 GWh of wind power every year, enough for the average annual consumption of 60,000 households. 8 out of the 14 wind turbines belong to Vattenfall.

An onshore farm in one of the windiest locations in the Netherlands

The Slufterdam site is one of the windiest places in the Netherlands. The wind is so strong in this area that the energy yield can be compared to that of wind turbines at sea, where the wind conditions are generally much better than on land.

Constructive cooperation

The unique location of Slufterdam wind farm, right next to a beautiful nature and recreation area, brings together various social and economic interests. All parties involved – nature conservation organisations, municipalities, the Port of Rotterdam and energy companies – worked together on the ultimate goal: more sustainable energy that also contributes to nature restoration.

Natuurfonds invests in coastal nature

The Natuurfonds (Nature Fund), an initiative by Vattenfall and Eneco, has been funded by the production of the renovated Slufterdam wind farm since 2019. The Natuurfonds supports projects and initiatives that contribute to strengthening nature and the experience of nature in the Voornes Duin and the Voordelta. The Zuid-Hollands Landschap Foundation, the Natuurmonumenten Association and the municipality of Westvoorne also joined the initiative. The starting point of the fund is achieving structural improvements to the natural environment in the area. In this way, sustainable energy production and nature development can support each other.