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Abelvattnet power plant was commissioned in January 2011 and is the newest of Vattenfall's hydro power plants in Sweden. The environmental impact of the power plant is limited because it uses a dam and a discharge tunnel which have been in place since the 1960s.

Increase in production and improvement in safety

Abelvattnet power plant has one unit and, during its construction, the safety of the existing dam was also improved. The newly reinforced dam can now cope with what is known as a 10,000 year flood, i.e. an extreme flow of water which is likely to occur only once every 10,000 years.

Lake Abelvattnet is home to a species of lake-spawning trout which must not be mixed with fish from Lake Bleriken. Before the power plant was built, the migration of fish from Lake Bleriken was prevented by a concrete wall. When the hydro power plant was built, the fish barrier was installed in the turbine. The difference in height between the inlet to the power plant and the maximum water level of Lake Bleriken, combined with high water speeds when the power plant is in operation, prevent fish from getting through. 

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